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Our Guarantee

We at Cavancart provide utmost security and care to the customers. The management involved works round the clock to ensure the best.

The products from the cart are put forward to recheck if available, and not a system error providing the availability criteria. While the order is placed, we assure full quality and delivery.

Tracking your products:

Cavancart tends to work with the best and trustworthy manufacturers. We provide quality products with reliable and reputed materials to account.

After a rigorous process of inspection, we make the products available at a sustainable price. These are sourced directly from the manufacturers. Our products include everything from high technology goods, apparels and crafts.

The processing of Orders:

While confirming the completion of the order, Cavancart processes the order immediately. While the management team reviews the details, further they are examined to comply with any delivery related issues. Amid all of these, a confirmation of email is sent directly from our support team to ensure that your order is safely processed.

Experimenting the Goods:

All the products listed on our website go through a series of processes after they have been bought through the manufacturer domain. You are free to write to us about the quality of the goods you purchased.

The products selected at first are initially given a selected stamp of approval until they are further processed for quality.

The quality assurance team does a thorough check to match orders with the customer preference, with protocols and requirements. Only when the product meets the standard of a customer, approval is given to be shipped.

Preparing your Goods:

The products are carefully packaged and inspected for any manufacturing or designing defects before being shipped. The management checks with the slips of original purchase confirmation and then the product is reviewed to make sure it is properly checked out. Overall, you get the right product at your doorstep.

Tracking the shipments:

Our customer services track the items once it leaves our warehouse. If you got any query, we will have it answered within the time the shipment reaches your place. Just reach out to use at our live chat, or drop us an email.

The inspections:

The quality assurance team put forwards standard strategies, further inspecting that the standards are met.